MESTILLA is always open to new ideas, discussions, cooperation, social and environmental initiatives.

Local production

We buy the rapeseeds used in our production from Lithuanian farmers and trade companies. This is how we contribute to the strengthening of the economy in Lithuania and its rural regions. Our activities help to create new jobs in the agriculture sector and others. The added value created in the whole supply chain and production cycle of our company stays in Lithuania. We also export some of our products, further contributing to the growth of Lithuanian economic indicators.

Rapeseeds is one of the most economically attractive crops to Lithuanian farmers, which is also easy to sell. MESTILLA buys and uses rapeseeds year-round, which is extremely convenient to our suppliers.

Our primary product is widely used in the Lithuanian transportation and energy sectors, while the secondary product is also useful in the country’s agricultural and other industry sectors. This is how we contribute to the best principles of circular and local economy.