In our production process, we use the most modern, environment-friendly, pollution-free, and constantly improving methods and technology. Advanced tech and the professionalism shown by our employees allow us to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, passing the highest quality standards.

Rapeseed expeller (cake)

Rapeseed cake is a valuable, protein-rich, GMO-free, and high-quality animal feed. It is a multi-purpose compound feed component, widely used throughout Europe, especially suited to feed cows, poultry, and pigs.

Rapeseed oil cake is the main source of non-GMO feed in the EU and one of the alternatives to imported soybean meal, which is often genetically modified.

From the technological viewpoint, rapeseed oil cake is a secondary product, and MESTILLA sells all of it for animal feed production. This ensures that the company’s biofuel production is waste-free and fits in within the ideals of the circular economy, where agricultural raw materials are reused in agriculture or food production, while also contributing to the development of Lithuanian agriculture.