In our production process, we use the most modern, environment-friendly, pollution-free, and constantly improving methods and technology. Advanced tech and the professionalism shown by our employees allow us to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, passing the highest quality standards.


Rapeseeds is the primary raw material used at MESTILLA, sourced mostly from Lithuanian farmers.

In Europe, more than 20 million tonnes of rapeseeds are grown annually. The whole process takes almost an entire year, from sowing of the crop in August to harvesting in July, which lasts approximately 11 months.

When rapeseed plants mature and their pods are full of small black seeds, they are harvested and de-shelled. Only the seeds, not the entire plant, are delivered to the oil mills.

Rapeseeds is one of the most attractive cultures to Lithuanian farmers. Rapeseeds is easily sold, this crop is one of the most commercially attractive. Aside from that, we use and buy rapeseeds year-round, which is very convenient for our suppliers.

The amount of rapeseeds grown in Lithuania grows annually. According to the data from the Lithuanian Department of Statistics, 201,000 tonnes of rapeseed were grown in Lithuania in 2005 (when MESTILLA was founded), in 2019, 689,000 tonnes of rapeseed were grown, with more than 900,000 tonnes of the crop grown in the country in 2020. These numbers more than prove that rapeseeds is one of the most attractive crops for Lithuanian farmers.