In our production process, we use the most modern, environment-friendly, pollution-free, and constantly improving methods and technology. Advanced tech and the professionalism shown by our employees allow us to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, passing the highest quality standards.


Biodiesel (or fatty acid methyl ester) is an alternative fuel, which can be produced from various kinds of vegetable oil and animal fats. The best performance characteristics are found in biodiesel produced from rapeseed oil. This product is best suited for use in countries with more colder climates and a bigger weather temperature fluctuation.

For these reasons, MESTILLA produces biodiesel from rapeseed oil, and its product’s quality meets European and Lithuanian (LST EN 14214) standards as well as even much stricter requirements of its customers.

Biodiesel is the most important product made at MESTILLA. The company supplies it for exports and trades it in Lithuania. The biodiesel produced at MESTILLA is mixed with traditional fossil fuels at petroleum refinement plants or special terminals.

The vast majority of all vehicles are suited to run on a mixture of biofuel and petroleum-derived fuels. All diesel sold at Lithuanian gas stations consists of 7% biodiesel.