MESTILLA’s production is waste-free. The company constantly invests in the most modern production process solutions, ensuring that its operations are environmentally safe and friendly towards the community of the neighboring city.


Clean and sustainable environmental efforts are a core part of MESTILLA’s business model and operations. The entire range of MESTILLA products contributes to the strategic goals of utilizing more renewable energy sources and reducing the pollution in the transportation sector and others, both in Lithuania and in the EU.
Environmental impact and sustainability are influenced not only by raw materials used in products and the secondary products created but also the processes used in the production itself. This is why MESTILLA strives to maximize energy efficiency and reduce its environmental footprint throughout the manufacturing and logistics stages of its operations. All air created through the oil pressing stage of production is cleaned in cyclones, neutralized, and ozonized, with the entire production process and storage at MESTILLA taking place in hermetically sealed machines, minimizing the company’s impact to the environment and its neighbors.
MESTILLA is certified to meet ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) standards, which proves that our company matches the sustainability criteria mandated by the 2009/28/EB EU directive.
Following the ISCC standards, MESTILLA tracks and evaluates the CO2 emissions and savings throughout its operational chain: while growing and transporting raw materials, refining them, transporting its products, etc. Seeing as we use local renewable materials to make a sustainable product used locally to replace fossil fuels, MESTILLA’s business practices are in line with circular economy principles. We are also constantly striving to reduce the impact every single one of our processes has on the environment, while also improving the effectiveness of our operations.
You can familiarize yourself with MESTILLA’s 2020 ISCC certificate HERE.