MESTILLA’s production is waste-free. The company constantly invests in the most modern production process solutions, ensuring that its operations are environmentally safe and friendly towards the community of the neighboring city.


The MESTILLA production operations are carried out close to the edge of the Klaipeda city municipality, in the territory of the Klaipeda FEZ, which can be easily reached by public or personal transportation by employees and partners, both current and upcoming. However, we also feel a huge sense of responsibility towards the people who live close to our factory.

This is why MESTILLA is constantly looking for and investing in the most modern technologies to reduce the impact and neutralize the effects its production processes have on the environment.

Because of the technological solutions embraced by MESTILLA, the company’s production processes are five times more effective at reducing unpleasant odors than they would have to be when new odor reduction standards come into effect in 2024.