The main objective at MESTILLA is to refine renewable resources by using them to make sustainable biofuel and nutritious protein-based animal feed. This is how we contribute to the pollution and fossil fuel use reduction goals set by Lithuania and the European Union, playing our part in circular economy development as well.

About Mestilla

MESTILLA is the leading manufacturer of rapeseed oil, protein rich animal feed, and biodiesel in Lithuania.

The company was founded in 2005. Two years later, in the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone (FEZ), it built one of the most modern oily plant refining and biodiesel production plants in Europe.

MESTILLA is a strong contributor towards achieving strategic goals in Lithuania and the European Union when it comes to developing renewable energy and environmental protection, strengthening regional economies, and reducing dependency on imported or fossil-based fuels.

MESTILLA creates value in Lithuania, for Lithuania: the products made by the company are used in local markets and exported, while raw materials are bought from Lithuanian farmers and other partners. The business coming from MESTILLA encourages farmers to create new jobs and expand economically attractive rapeseed fields.

MESTILLA is a member of the Lithuanian Biofuel Association, the Lithuanian Grain Processing and Trading Association. The company also actively contributes to the development of national energy policy and its implementation.

The controlling interest in MESTILLA is held by the shareholders of Akola group AB.