The main objective at MESTILLA is to refine renewable resources by using them to make sustainable biofuel and nutritious protein-based animal feed. This is how we contribute to the pollution and fossil fuel use reduction goals set by Lithuania and the European Union, playing our part in circular economy development as well.

The Plant

The MESTILLA vegetable oil processing and biodiesel production plant is based in the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone.

MESTILLA uses cutting-edge technology to extract and process oil and produce biodiesel. This ensures a completely automated production process, effective energy utilization, and the smallest possible impact on the environment.

The technology used at the MESTILLA plant allows for closed-circuit waste-free production. The plant uses modern technology that saves resources, does not pollute, and also makes every effort to neutralize odors by utilizing the most advanced measures. The environment is taken care of not only by the products MESTILLA makes but also by efficient production processes, utilization of local raw materials, and other processes.

MESTILLA makes a great effort to ensure the quality of its products and the safety of its production processes as well. The technology used at the company is safe for humans. The production lines can be stopped and restarted if needed.

In 2010, MESTILLA was called the most effective chemical company in the Baltic States by Profiles International, an independent research company.