The main objective at MESTILLA is to refine renewable resources by using them to make sustainable biofuel and nutritious protein-based animal feed. This is how we contribute to the pollution and fossil fuel use reduction goals set by Lithuania and the European Union, playing our part in circular economy development as well.


The entire MESTILLA business model is based on responsibility towards the environment, clients, and partners, as well as society. Therefore MESTILLA aspires to create value in the entire chain of oilseeds crushing, biodiesel production and its derivative products manufacturing and trading operations. We use the most modern production process, environment-friendly, and pollution-reducing waste-free technologies and methods.


MESTILLA’s priorities:

  • Modern, safe, and environment-friendly technologies, which reduce negative effects on the environment, as well as dangers and risks at work, by ensuring safe work conditions and improving effectiveness;
  • Employees, growing their competence and sense of responsibility;
  • Teamwork, which allows employees to quickly reveal their personal qualities;
  • Prevention-based operations;
  • Mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers and sub-contractors;
  • Community-based activities, which allow us to cooperate with and educate the public by organizing, financing, and supporting initiatives that are useful to the community and public.

MESTILLA commits:

  • To constantly improve the effectiveness of our integrated quality, environmental protection, employee safety and health, sustainability, and feed safety management system;
  • To be responsible for the creation, implementation, and improvement of safe work processes and employee safety;
  • To meet and exceed the needs, expectations, and communication of interested parties, by guaranteeing that our products are safe and of high quality, well within the quality guidelines they have to meet;
  • To continue perfecting and installing new technologies;
  • To provide our employees with professional improvement opportunities in an organization with a great company culture;
  • To ensure our employees’ responsibility when it comes to the quality and safety of our products, the quality of their work according to their position and competence, by creating an optimal and safe work environment;
  • To acknowledge our employees’ achievements and creative initiative, and to encourage them to strive for better and better results;
  • To review strategic directions annually, making sure that they remain suitable and relevant;
  • To operate our business within the bounds of the law and other requirements accepted by the company;
  • To be socially responsible, communicate, cooperate, and remain open-minded.