The main objective at MESTILLA is to refine renewable resources by using them to make sustainable biofuel and nutritious protein-based animal feed. This is how we contribute to the pollution and fossil fuel use reduction goals set by Lithuania and the European Union, playing our part in circular economy development as well.


Management systems for quality control, environmental protection, employee safety and health, as well as feed safety have been installed at MESTILLA. They are all certified to fall within the requirements for international ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001:2018, and GMP+ standards.

MESTILLA is also certified according to the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) standards. The certification is renewed annually, as mandated by the ISCC scheme requirements. The certificates prove that the company operates within the requirements and sustainability criteria mandated by the RED directive. This is done by measuring the CO2 emissions, caused by growing, transporting and processing raw materials and producing biofuel. The measured values during this process are 60% less than the CO2 emissions caused by the production of fossil fuel, with the biofuel production emissions constantly shrinking due to the modernization of the biofuel production process and the optimization of the associated supply chain.