The main objective at MESTILLA is to refine renewable resources by using them to make sustainable biofuel and nutritious protein-based animal feed. This is how we contribute to the pollution and fossil fuel use reduction goals set by Lithuania and the European Union, playing our part in circular economy development as well.

The Production

The main product delivered by MESTILLA is biodiesel and rapeseed cake (rapeseed expeller). After pressing rapeseeds, we get oil, which is used to produce biodiesel, and rapeseed cake (expeller), which is utilized in the production of animal feed. While making biodiesel, we also get derived products, glycerine, and fertilizer. This fertilizer is used in ecologic farms and to make other fertilizer products, while the glycerine is usable in the chemical, food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries after additional processing. Without any additional processing, it can be used in animal feed and in bio-gas production.

The production process at MESTILLA is waste-free. In other words, every secondary derived product that results from the production of our main products is valuable.

All air exposed to the oil extraction process is collected, cleaned in cyclones, neutralized, and ozonized. MESTILLA makes its products and stores them in closed-type facilities.

Biodiesel can be made from various vegetable oils and animal fats. MESTILLA produces its biodiesel from rapeseed oil, because this biodiesel possesses the best qualities and is the most suited for use in countries with colder climates.